Calculation of Tax Depreciation for FY 2020

In line with Article 7 of the Rules On the Manner of Classifying Fixed Assets Into groups and the Method For Determining Depreciation For Tax Purposes, if the closing balance of any of the depreciation groups between II and V is less that the sum of five average monthly gross salaries disbursed per employee in the Republic of Serbia in the last month of the period for which depreciation is being calculated using the information released by the government statistics agency, the overall balance of that group is recognised as a depreciation expense and the balance of the group equals zero.

According to the data made available by the Republic Statistics Institute, the average monthly gross salary for December 2020 is RSD 90,849. The amount of RSD 454,245 (being the fivefold amount) is therefore used as a reference point for calculating depreciation for Fiscal Year 2020 (according to the „old rules“).

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