Public and nonprofit sectors

Whether you are part of a global government or the nonprofit sector, you must always find a balance between what is possible and the resources you have. The transition of old economies into new, emerging ones presents a double challenge.

We at Profit Plus West Balkans appreciate the important role played by governments and non-for-profit organisations, both in Serbia and worldwide.

The success of all entities and organisations depends on the ability to improve their performance, accountability and transparency. Development agencies are increasingly using beneficiary structures to provide aid through budget support and sector donations. This decentralized governance requires that service providers have the knowledge and experience in both local market conditions and the specific requirements and priorities of each donor.

Profit Plus West Balkans has a lot of experience and great knowledge of the workings of governments, governmental and cooperation agencies, as well as nonprofit organisations.

We are devoted to meeting the highest standards and delivering top-notch services, and we achieve this by combining local know-how with international expertise.

We are permanently committed to assisting you in attaining your goals at each stage of the business cycle.
Here is a list of the services we provide:

  • Keeping accounting records, preparation of reports and consulting activities
  • Providing tax-related and business advice
  • HR services and salary calculation
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Legal advice
  • Employee leasing

To be able to offer our clients a full range of necessary services (legal, auditing, due diligence, status changes, appraisals, etc.) and take a holistic approach, we successfully partner with other members of our group who each specialise in their own field.

Our holistic approach

Depending on the project, we bring together the expertise of employees across our network, including auditors, tax advisors, legal experts, valuation experts, and management consultants. We promote an integrative approach in which cumulative efforts of many individuals help achieve the right solution and maximize the results of our clients. By enlisting the support of other entities within our group, we make our mission possible and put our clients’ needs first.