Tax advice

Direct taxation


Corporation tax

  • Checking and ensuring compliance with the local regulations
  • Providing professional assistance in preparing a tax balance sheet and other tax forms
  • Instructing clients on how and when to pay withholding tax when paying a fee to a non-resident entity

Taxation of natural persons

  • Planning the taxation of employee benefits, as well as persons who are not employed, whether they be residents or non-residents
  • Preparation of an annual personal income tax return

Identifying the tax implications of planned transactions with individuals and legal entities

Indirect taxation

  • Providing advice about the regulations on value added tax and excise duties
  • Considering multiple options that are available to clients in paying value added tax and customs and excise duties
  • Checking the data stated in monthly VAT returns in order to prevent errors

Tax agency

  • Calculation and payment of VAT to Serbian tax authorities on the supplies made to local customers from Serbia
  • Aligning VAT records with the local tax rules and regulations
  • Communicating with the local tax authorities in case of an audit

Transfer pricing


Who is obliged to submit Transfer Pricing Documentation?

The preparation of a Transfer Pricing Study is prescribed for entities having transactions with related parties as part of their business, since these are linked to the highest tax risk should the tax authorities contest the objectivity of the transaction prices.

When asked to evaluate the transfer pricing strategies of a company, our involvement goes as far as:

  • Preparing the entire transfer pricing documentation
  • Preparing an abbreviated transfer pricing report
  • Delivering important remarks to the client about its current transfer pricing policy
  • Preparing a benchmark analysis (functional and economic analysis)
  • Examining the transfer pricing policy of an entity and offering essential advice to ensure compliance
  • Support in case an audit is initiated by the Tax Administration
  • Preparing an annual controlled transactions report
  • Creation of a master file and/or formulation of a transfer pricing policy
  • Checking the existing transfer pricing documentation to see if it is accurate
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International tax planning

  • Teaching clients how to optimize their international transactions by the careful application of double tax treaties as well as other mechanisms

Supporting non-resident taxpayers

  • Tax and administrative services related to assigned employees and foreign nationals who reside and work in Serbia

Tax due diligence

  • If tax due diligence is conducted on a company, it is thoroughly examined to identify the tax aspect and present the relevant findings to a potential buyer. The purpose of due diligence is to recognise and mark both the opportunities and risks that may affect the company interested in acquiring the target entity.

Tax investigation

  • Tax investigation is basically a simulation of a tax audit before it ever takes place. The goal is to identify potential tax risks and suggest the best route to minimizing them. The subject of such tax examination are all forms of tax to which the company is liable.

Support should the Tax Administration announce and conduct a tax audit

  • Advising the client about available legal remedies following a tax audit
  • Drafting a report outlining the remarks on or an appeal against the minutes/decision of the Tax Administration
  • Preparing a request for an official opinion on the taxation of various transactions from an official government institution


  • Answering urgent queries by phone
  • Drafting memos for the Tax Administration (such as an appeal against a resolution) or the Ministry of Finance (a requests for an expert opinion), etc.
  • Checking whether a certain agreement complies with the country‚Äôs official tax rules and determining its tax implications
  • Tax optimisation
  • Regular sending of newsletters notifying clients of changes to tax regulations that are either imminent or have already become effective